donne-di-luce-lampade-ecodesign-shabby_chic.artigianato_siciliano-adriana-franza-vienna Malacala-handmade-lamp-home_decor-sicilian-art-noto-souvenir-shabby-chic-lamp-white-corals Malacala-handmade-lamp-home_decor-sicilian-art-noto-souvenir-shabby-chic-lamp-white-corals

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Malacala takes its name from a Sicilian sea place. Its fragrant rocks, the clean and fresh water with its iridescent reflections, its mysterious seabed, were the inspiration for this “Light-Woman”. This lamp is handmade in papier-mâché. Height 32 cm; Base diameter 19 cm. Malacala is equipped with a lamp holder with switch and cable, to always be used with LED bulbs.

Price: 150€

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    Maintenance: Dust with a hard, dry and clean bristle brush, or with a vacuum cleaner at minimum power, or alternatively, with a jet of cold air from the hair dryer. Absolutely avoid the use of any detergent and contact with water. For lighting it is only recommended to use a LED bulb with a small attachment (E14). The lamp holder is already supplied and ready for use.