Sicilian puppets


Bradamante and Ruggiero (Sicilian puppets from sicilian “Opera dei Pupi”).

Couple of hand-painted cushions, hand washable in cold water, 40 × 40 cm.

100% Cotton, zip closure.

Hand-painted fabrics are a bit like paintings: we would never put them in the washing machine! It is possible to wash them by hand to keep the colors intact:
💧 In a basin full of cold water, dissolve 1 glass of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt OR a drop of delicate liquid detergent.
🕦Soak the pillowcase (inside out) for about 10 minutes and then rinse under running cold water.
🤲 Gently press the fabric between your hands WITHOUT SQUEEZING THE FIBERS. Once the excess water has been removed, you can wrap the pillowcase in a thick towel, which will help absorb more water.
Finally, lay the pillowcase flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.
Iron at medium-high temperature.

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